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Deposit Services

ICBC Doha (QFC) Branch can accept various kinds of corporate deposits from the onshore and offshore market, with various currencies.

I. Current Deposit 
Current deposit is one kind of deposit that can be saved and withdrawn at any time, with its interest counted on interest settlement term. It is mainly transacted through wire transfer. It is characterized by unfixed term and easy deposit.

II. Time Deposit
Time Deposit is to agree on the terms and interest rate by both the bank and depositor prior to the deposit, and to withdraw principal and interest by the due date. Time Deposit is applied to settlement and withdrawal from the account of time deposit. As for temporary use, customers should apply for advance withdrawal or partial advance withdrawal .

III. Call Deposit
Call Deposit is a sort of deposit, the term of which is not determined on occasion of deposit and which can be withdrawn only after notifying financial organizations first for determining the concrete withdrawal date and amount.