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Private Banking

Our Global network gives you access to dynamic markets of Asia, Europe, Middleast and the Americas.

We seek to be a Leading Chinese Private Bank in the middle East Region.

Financial Management Service Our Expert Investment Management team helps create customised portfolios across all asset classes.

Asset Management Service Based on your asset value and risk preference, we provide portfolio management and integrated solutions on a sound footing of our open-ended platform of products and "core - satellite" strategies, so as to ensure that your assets are protected, appreciated and preserved.

Advisory Service Your investment Idea and Our Professional Global Network help you get a personalised service tailored to Investment Objectives, Risk appetite, Circumstances and Projected Returns.

Private Value-added Service We provide a wide range of exclusive value-added services.

Overseas Financial Service We provide you with personalised cross-border financial services and solutions, so as to meet the demands of global asset allocation.

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